Def Jam Faces Backlash For Releasing Two DMX Compilation Albums As The Rapper Remains Hospitalized

DMX has been the talk of the hip-hop world in recent days as things seemingly aren’t looking good for the rapper following a reported overdose. Today, Def Jam decided to release a pair of new compilations, DMX: The Ruff Ryder and A Dog’s Prayers, a move that some fans believe is in bad taste. Some see these releases as a money-grab, thrown together to capitalize on DMX being in the news.

The Ruff Ryder features some of DMX’s biggest hits like “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” “Party Up,” and “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” while A Dog’s Prayers features some of the “Prayer” tracks the rapper has released throughout his career.

In a tweet announcing The Ruff Ryder last night, Def Jam wrote, “As we continue to pray for DMX’s recovery, let’s take a look back at some of the gifts he’s dedicated so much of his life to give to the world.” About 40 minutes later, they shared A Dog’s Prayers and wrote, “Nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you hear DMX start praying. Every word hits deep. Even if you don’t believe, you’re inspired and encouraged. Send some of the same energy back out for him while he’s fighting his way back to us all.”

Following the releases, the label faced some backlash. One Twitter user wrote, “dmx isnt even dead and def jam is already trying to profit…” Another wrote, “F*ck off stop using the situation to make as much money as you can.”

Not everybody feels the same way, though. One Twitter user noted, “There’s literally nothing wrong with this. His label re-released a small Greatest Hits album and are promoting it so that people hearing about DMX for the first time have a good starting place. You guys are just so desperate to hate labels even when they do something good.”

Check out some more tweets about the DMX compilations and stream both releases below.