Daniel Kaluuya Calls Out Golden Globes For Technical Difficulties: “You Doing Me Dirty”

Daniel Kaluuya kicked off The 78th Annual Golden Globe Award after winning Best Supporting Actor for his role as Chairman Fred Hampton in Judas & The Black Messiah. During his acceptance speech, he thanked his family, the film’s director Shaka King, the late Fred Hampton, and more.

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“It takes a village to raise a film,” stated the UK actor. When speaking on Hampton, Kaluuya expressed the hope for people to be inspired by Hampton’s legacy after watching the film.

The inspiring speech was met with some technical issues, dubbed as “bad connection by award presenter, “Laura Dern.”


After Kaluuya got word of the tech issues, he pointed directly into the camera to express how he felt.

“You doing me dirty,” he repeated multiple times. “Am I on?” he asked before going into his acceptance speech. Not even national televised annual award shows are exempt from the connection dooms of Zoom.

During the speech, Kaluuya spoke on his dedication to channel such a prominent figure such as, Fred Hampton. While doing so, he quoted the late great Nipsey Hussle.

“Like the great Nipsey Hussle says, we’re here to give until we’re empty. I gave everything and I couldn’t give it to a more noble man, and that’s Chairman Fred Hampton. I hope generations after this can see how brilliantly he thought, how brilliantly he spoke and how brilliantly he loved. He continues to uplift Hampton’s legacy.

“There’s a lot of information about how he died, but I hope you people out there will grow and learn about how incredibly he lived.”