Cardi B Is Eying A Lizzo Collaboration But Also Wants Her Fans To Chill About It

Like many of us, Cardi B is a big Lizzo fan, as she has expressed on multiple occasions. She did so again over the weekend, which actually led to a bit of an annoying moment for Cardi.

Yesterday, Cardi tweeted a diverse gallery of Lizzo photos and wrote, “These pics do it for me.” Naturally, as tends to happen when one artist shouts out another, fans were quick to flood Cardi’s notifications with requests/demands that she and Lizzo collaborate. One person replied, “now drop that collab with her,” to which Cardi responded, “Can I do a song first thst I can put her on.” Somebody responded to that tweet, “YESSS WE WANT A COLLAB,” and Cardi answered, “Ok but stop pressuring me to do stuff .I can’t even show love to people with 100 collab collab collab.”

A handful of months ago, Cardi revealed that she actually tried to get Lizzo involved with her “WAP” video, but unfortunately, she was unable to take part due to a scheduling conflict. She also called Lizzo “the [nicest] person in the world” after she received flowers from her amid her divorce.

Cardi B and Lizzo are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.