Blxst’s ‘No Love Lost’ Dance Video Showcases Some Award-Winning Talent

LA rapper Blxst is in the midst of a huge breakout after bubbling on the city’s underground scene for the past few years. With the release of his debut tape, No Love Lost, and its star-studded deluxe edition, Blxst has become a household name on the West Coast, with designs on expanding his popularity to the national stage in short order.

To help with that, he’s enlisted the aid of Angyil, a Red Bull Dance Your Style World finalist, to put her own interpretation on the latest single from Blxst’s breakout album. The “No Love Lost” dance video puts Angyil on the picturesque Dakar coast, which provides a beautiful backdrop for her electrifying moves.

Blxst’s highly visual approach to his debut project is part of the reason for its success. Beginning with the video for “Overrated,” several of the videos from the original project tell an overarching narrative that describes a night of LA-style troublemaking, as Blxst and his boys “run a play,” forcing Blxst’s girl to stay up late worrying about him. The narrative concludes in the video for “Pressure,” resolving the plot and establishing Blxst as a master storyteller — which is the biggest part of his appeal.

Watch Blxst’s “No Love Lost” dance video above.