Lil Yachty Turns The Tables In His Dapper ‘Asshole’ Video With Oliver Tree

In Lil Yachty’s brand-new “Asshole” video, alt singer Oliver Tree is a burglar breaking into the Atlanta rapper’s dapper mansion only to be caught mid-heist. The rest of the video is given over to Lil Yachty’s depiction of a dandy out for a drive with a few lady friends. In the end, the two storylines dovetail to reveal the leisure drive doubles as punishment for the captured would-be thief, who goes along unwillingly, tied to the back of Yachty’s moped.

“Asshole” is just the latest part of Lil Yachty’s impressive comeback, which he started in early 2020 with the “Oprah’s Bank Account” video featuring DaBaby and Drake and continued with the release of Lil Boat 3 and its deluxe version, Lil Boat 3.5. Releasing videos for the Future-featuring “Pardon Me” and “Split/Whole Time,” the former “King Of The Teens” found his footing once again, leading to a host of new opportunities.

He competed on Eric Andre’s Rapper Warrior Ninja with Jpegmafia and Trippie Redd, contributed a theme song to the Saved By The Bell revival that debuted in November, announced a new movie based on the card game Uno, and lent his voice to the burgeoning Michigan underground rap movement with “Not Regular” and “Royal Rumble.”

Watch the “Asshole” video above.