Watch Jazmine Sullivan And Eric Church Split National Anthem Duties Before Superbowl LV

The honor of performing the National Anthem before a major sporting or political event usually goes to one person, but this year the duties are being split. Both Jazmine Sullivan, whose excellent new album Heaux Tales is on its way to instant-classic status, and country star Eric Church, will be performing the patriotic staple before today’s big game. Church also has new music on the way for fans, with his triple album Heart & Soul slated for release this April. And this isn’t the only unexpected collaboration before the game began, Miley Cyrus was joined by Billy Idol and Joan Jett for a pre-show concert.

During their performance on Sunday afternoon, the pair alternated verses before joining together in harmony on the final high notes. Eric kicked things off by taking the first few phrases of the song, accompanied only by strumming his guitar, Jazmine came in for the second verse, flexing her substantial vocal skills with runs and held notes. Most impressive though was when they took the most famous passage together.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off in Super Bowl LV today, check out more coverage here and watch the video of the anthem performance above.