Cupcakke’s CashApp Giveaway Has Fans Sharing Their Stories

Chicago rapper Cupcakke recently caused a stir due to her back-and-forth battle with fellow rising rapper Sukihana but it looks like she would prefer to get more attention for giving back. In December, she announced her plans to open a homeless shelter in her hometown and today, she tried to help fans who needed day-to-day assistance with a CashApp giveaway. “Tag one person that actually needs $1,000 right now,” she tweeted. “I’ll be sending it from this CashApp. Within the next 10 mins !!! Screenshot will be posted.”

Within minutes, her mentions were flooded and her name was trending on Twitter, but she was still able to pick out a few names to help with the desired assistance. One commenter said that they needed $500 for auto repairs, prompting a hasty response from Cupcakke. Unfortunately, her CashApp account limited the transaction so she sent the money via PayPal instead.

Cupcakke shared a few more screenshots, this time in $100 increments, before taking a break. That hasn’t stopped fans from continuing to share their stories with the rapper, with many joking that she’s done more for COVID relief than the US government.

While it’s clear that there is far more need than one rapper could ever support, it’s still nice to see someone trying to help people in troubled times like these. Despite mourning her friend Sophie, who passed away late last month, Cupcakke still found a way to brighten at least a few fans’ days.