The Weeknd Looks Back At His Storied Career In A New Super Bowl Ad

Pepsi recently revealed that for this year’s Super Bowl, the company plans to not air any ads during the game and focus on their halftime show, with Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, saying, “We are going to double down on our existing 12 minutes in the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show in the middle of the Super Bowl, and we are going to build it out like we have never built it out before.” They’ve been getting ads out before the big game, though, and they’ve been about The Weeknd and his upcoming performance.

The first one came about a month ago, and it featured people from various walks of life in various environments singing along to the inescapable hit “Blinding Lights.” Now Pepsi has unveiled a new 30-second, The Weeknd-starring spot, and it depicts The Weeknd in the moments before he takes the stage for his halftime show. In it, he walks down a hallway, looking at videos of himself from throughout his career as they’re projected on the wall. Finally, he reaches the end of the hall and takes the field. All the while, a voiceover speaks about creativity and big moments.

Watch the new ad above.