Noname Just Announced That Her Song ‘Rainforest’ Is Arriving Soon In The Most Noname Way Possible

Following Chicago rapper Noname‘s dreamy debut studio album Room 25, fans have been on the lookout for more. She’s intermittently released music since he breakthrough, but she’s been putting most of her energy towards her Noname Book Club, which highlights works by authors of color and donates books to incarcerated folks. But now there’s some good news.

On Monday Noname — who is not signed to a label, by the way — took to Twitter to give an update about the status of her new music in the most Noname possible: by casually tweeting about it. “lmao i don’t even know how to promote myself as a rapper anymore but my song Rainforest drops in a few weeks,” she wrote.

One person replied to her tweet with clear excitement, saying they plan on supporting her by purchasing merch. But instead of selling vinyl and various apparel, Noname says she’d rather have fans join her book club.

The new single could mean the rapper is on track to release her anticipated sophomore album Factory Baby in 2021, as stated in her Twitter bio. Back in 2019, Noname said she wants to quit music after the release of Factory Baby because her “heart isn’t fully in it anymore.” Time will tell if Factory Baby really is her final release or if she will continue making music in the future.