Westside Boogie Keeps His Skills Sharp With The Cocky ‘Joe Exotic Freestyle’

Despite changing his name, Westside Boogie is still the same rapper we all know and love. During the lead-up to his debut album, Everything’s For Sale, Boog was known to drop a freestyle video or two to keep the fans tuned-in to his moves, and today, we’re happy to report that he returns to the habit with his cocky “Joe Exotic Freestyle” video.

Vets of Boogie’s output should already know the drill: The Compton rapper posts up in a single location, lets the camera run, raps his butt off, and the lyrics scroll down the right side of the screen. It’s a simple, straightforward, and incredibly effective tactic and Boogie has mastered its use to keep his buzz going between projects without having to blow the budget on music videos.

As usual, he tackles familiar subjects like disloyal women, phony gangsters, and the stressful thoughts that keep him penning therapeutic, revelatory verses. He also shouts out Campanella Park in Compton, keeping his hometown near and dear.

Prior to releasing “Joe Exotic,” Boogie teased his forthcoming new music with a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek sketch involving a hostage situation, then shared his new single “Outside” with Joey Badass. He also guest-featured on Reason’s extended mix of the MF DOOM-sampling “Extinct,” which coincidentally dropped the day we all found out about the masked rapper’s death.

Watch Westside Boogie’s “Joe Exotic Freestyle” video above.