Doja Cat Is Threatening To Withhold Her Album Due To An Error In Her ‘Best Friend’ Lyrics

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Doja Cat‘s third album may end up having to wait for it. The “Say So” star recently noticed a discrepancy in the lyrics of her verse on Saweetie’s “Best Friend” on streaming services and wants it fixed pronto, or she says Planet Her is never coming out.

In the song’s lyrics, Doja describes her bestie’s tendencies, noting her BFF is “off her fifth shot, I said, ‘Mm-mm don’t go there.’” However, the lyrics that have been appearing on various sources from YouTube lyrics videos to Spotify give the bar as, “She off her fish, I said, ‘Mm-mm don’t go there,’” which as Doja notes, doesn’t make any sense.

Actually, Doja put it a little differently in her all-caps tweet. “SHE OFF HER FISH DON’T MAKE NO F*CKIN SENSE,” she raged. “COME HERE SO I CAN BEAT YOUR F*CKING ASS, GUMBY.”

Of course, her fans, well accustomed to trolling the rapper back-and-forth, have been sending her pics of her head photoshopped onto a fish, prompting her to start putting them “on timeout.” “I’m sending you to your grandparents,” she told one. “No chips or soda, no video games, no social media, no $ for chores. you’re GROUNDED.”

The issue will most likely be corrected soon enough, but her frustration is understandable. Before the song’s official release, Saweetie fumed that an incomplete version was mistakenly released early on Apple Music after months of buildup. Hopefully, the rest of her and Doja’s album rollouts go smoother.

Check out Doja’s reactions to her erroneous lyrics above.