Take A Look At This Exclusive Trailer of Benny Boom, Birdman’s Upcoming Coming-Of-Age Film, ‘Tazmanian Devil’

Solomon Onita Jr.’s award-winning directorial debut, Tazmanian Devil, was acquired by 1091 Pictures.

Presented in association with TigerEye Films, Groundwurk Studios, and Cash Money Films, the film was executive produced by pioneering Hip Hop videographer and filmmaker Benny Boom, Gerald Rawles, and Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

As per the press release:


Relocating to the United States from Nigeria, Dayo (Abraham Attah) finds himself simultaneously balancing the culture shock of immigration with the growing pains of being a college freshman. His adjustment to U.S. life is further complicated as he gets to know his previously estranged father, a devout Christian pastor with strict rules and very high expectations for his son. Dayo quickly finds himself at odds with his father simply because he wants to live the life of a typical American college student. The father/son conflicts come to a head when Dayo decides to pledge Tau Alpha Zeta, a fraternity whose members are ironically known on campus as “The Devil.”.

Benny spoke about the importance of the movie. “It has always been important to me to support and encourage young filmmakers of color, and help them get their stories out there. Tazmanian Devil gives another unique perspective of the Black experience and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Birdman described the flick as “It’s an extraordinary film that’s relatable to all walks of life,” when expressing his enthusiasm for working with Boom for the past two decades.

“I am so proud to be involved in a film that was able to portray the culture shock and balance of maintaining one’s customs while integrating into the American culture that most immigrants of color experience. There is a broad misconception that black culture is monolithic but it’s a great reminder to show how diverse our culture is,” says Greg Maurice, Director of Content Acquisition for 1091 Pictures.

Watch the trailer below: