Mario Judah Gets Revenge On His Ex In The Ruthless ‘I Cannot Love You’ Video

Mario Judah, Playboi Carti superfan and expert internet troll, has had a steady rise to fame since the viral success of last year’s single “Die Very Rough.” Now returning for his first new song of the year, Judah lays out a very pointed message to cheaters everywhere in his ruthless “I Cannot Love You” video.

Clocking in at just a minute-and-a-half, “I Cannot Love You” is Judah’s way of giving his heartbreak an outlet. The song’s accompanying grainy video is filmed with a red hue and depicts the rapper taking his anger out on a body bag. In the days prior to releasing the song, Judah began consistently sharing tweets and a profanity-laced video about being cheated on:

I gave this f*cking girl the world, bro. Despite being f*cking famous, the money I made, tried to give her everything to make her f*cking happy — and she f*cking took my trust and love and tore it, bro. All the b*tches that hit me up in my DMs, I never responded to one because I tried to give this girl my trust and my love, bro. And she took my f*cking heart. You know what the f*ck she did with it? She f*cking tore it. Never again, bro. This b*tch cheated on me. All the sh*t I got going on in my life, I try to give this b*tch the world and she f*cking cheated on me. F*ck cheaters.

Watch Mario Judah’s “I Cannot Love You” video above.