SZA Herself Is Going To Talk With Fans On Her New Phone Hotline

Modern technology allows fans of musicians to connect with their favorite artists in ways that weren’t possible before. Now SZA is taking that a step further and will be having spoken conversations over the phone with some of her supporters via her new hotline.

SZA shared the new yesterday, writing on Twitter, “Member that time we talked about crying together on a hotline ? I made one lol. 2 days outta the week we GON TALK CRY OR WHATEVER U WANNA DO . In the meantime enjoy some custom meditations n some other resources #GOODLINE CALL NOW.” She shared a similar caption on Instagram, writing, “Uhhh random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall 2 days outta the week. Put some custom meditations on there too + other resources.”

One fan accused SZA of lying but the singer defended her honor, responding, “ITS F*CKING REAL AND ACTIVE LMAO 888-808-0CRY (0279) on Friday we cry together.” Somebody else wondered, “Girllll, can we really talk to you or is gone be you texting updates cause don’t play with my heart,” and SZA replied, “Lmao all my updates will be right here on Twitter.. the line is really jus for us.”

Since the number was made public, it has generated a ton of interest to the tune of tens of thousands of calls received already, as SZA noted: “Okay sooo we’re over 60’000 + calls in and increasing / crashing lol ! making some changes like extending the meditation audio + a few other things!! I’ll see u back on Friday when its time to talk to MEEEEEE!! I love you sleep well.”

Meanwhile, SZA was recently over the moon when she learned that “Good Days” became her first top-10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.