Pop Smoke’s Brother Can Do Such A Good Impression Of The Rapper It’s Almost Scary

After rising rap star Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was tragically killed last year at the impossibly young age of 20, his family have been doing their best to remember and honor their loved one. Yes, he might have had fans and fame when he died, but it’s always the family whose grief runs the deepest. Part of being able to move on from a tragedy like this is remembering how the person who was lost acted when they were here, and Pop Smoke’s brother, Obasi Jackson, has been doing just that.

With an impression of his brother’s rapping that’s so pitch-perfect it’s almost unbelievable, Obasi posted the impression to Instagram, while remembering just how much his accurate rendition freaked his brother out. “I really do a good impression of Bashar,” he tells a woman after rapping along to the hit song “Dior.” Continuing: “I can sound like him when he does his songs, when he’s rapping. I mean, I don’t do it perfect, but I can do it. When he was alive, when he was here, I did it for him one time and he turned around and [gives surprised look] — I sound just like him.”

Just listening to Obasi singing/rapping, it sounds so much like Pop Smoke most people would definitely think it was him. The impression is so good it’s almost scary. But it’s nice to see Obasi celebrating his brother and remembering him, while sharing that moment with fans who are still mourning, too. Rest in peace to a young legend.