Killer Mike Condemns The Capitol Rioters But Says ‘What We Have Done In Georgia Is More Important’

As a well-known activist, Killer Mike had some important and insightful commentary about yesterday’s Capitol riots while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Because of his political experience and central position in Georgia politics after the results of this week’s run-off Senate election, Mike would have already been the perfect guest to comment on the Democratic victory in the state, but after the events in Washington, D.C., it was only natural for the conversation to turn in that direction.

Mike said that initially, he’d woken up yesterday excited about the victory but was quickly informed by his teenage daughter that things were going sour in the US capitol. “It led me into a longer conversation with her,” he recalled, “About how I admired the fact that she participated in the political process by paying attention… and I really wanted her to understand that the people at the Capitol — although I encourage protest for any American, I don’t encourage what we saw. Essentially, it is violence, it is evil, it is “I didn’t get my way”-ism, it is the refusal to accept that this Republic is run by the power of the vote.”

However, he said he also saw an opportunity for a lesson. “What we have done in this state is more important than this ugly moment,” he opined. “I hope that all Americans plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize for a union after this. We’ve done the Civil War once… it didn’t work out for this nation as a whole… We are on our way to a more perfect union but it will only happen if we use times like these as a way to cooperate and collaborate for the betterment of this Republic instead of displaying the type of behavior that we saw today.”

Watch Killer Mike’s interview with Seth Meyers above.