Cardi B Asked For The National Guard’s Whereabouts After MAGA Rioters Stormed The Capitol Building

Wednesday brought grim news: MAGA rioters broke into the Capitol building in Washington D.C., trying to overturn the 2020 election. Numerous videos surfaced of the president’s supporters clashing with police officers and eventually breaking the windows of the government building. Many wondered when — or if — the mob would receive any significant pushback by the police, or even the National Guard. One of those people was Cardi B, who shared some posts to Twitter as the situation unfolded.

At first the Bronx rapper simply asked, “Where the National guards ?” — an excellent question, considering the level of danger that was present as the rioters entered the Capitol. Cardi also pointed out the difference between the police reaction towards the MAGA rioters and that of this past summer’s Black Lives Matter protests. “The irony is pretty funny………weren’t people just wild animals in the summer for demanding justice and now?” she asked. “Let me just watch.”

She also sent a stern warning to her followers: “And y’all better NOT BE OUTSIDE!! These are wild thugs out !” she said. “Stay home. This ain’t our business. Stay at home safe but dangerous!”

Cardi is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.