J. Cole Teased His Latest Sneaker Release From Puma

J. Cole’s partnership with Puma has gone beyond just wearing their gear during special events. Cole’s become a major member of the Puma roster, working on creative instillations with the company and even getting his own signature sneaker with the company, the RS-Dreamer, which dropped back in July of 2020 right as the NBA and WNBA restarted their 2019-20 seasons in both of their Florida bubbles.

Now, Cole and Puma have something new up their sleeves. In an image posted to Cole’s Instagram account on Tuesday, the rapper is shown wearing a pair of vibrant yellow sneakers from the apparel company that have never been seen before. With the post was the caption “The Off-Season… Let’s work.“

Sources tell Uproxx that the name of the shoe is the Dreamer 2, the latest in the Puma Hoops Dreamer line. Not much is known about them outside of the name and the color scheme, but they do look to have a similar vibrant yellow color as the second signature sneaker Puma dropped as it got back into the basketball game, the Uproar Spectras. These, however, are yellow with yellow laces on what looks to be a black sole and midsole with a black tongue that features the RSD logo. While the price is still unknown, the first RS-Dreamer retailed for $125.