Alabama Running Back Najee Harris Praises Megan Rapinoe For Her Activism — And For Listening To Nipsey Hussle

Alabama running back Najee Harris is preparing for an appearance in the Rose Bowl, and on the way in he’s been asked about what inspires him. Well, Harris is one of the rare male athletes who is open in his admiration for women in the sports world, and he used his spotlight to praise soccer star Megan Rapinoe. Harris said he admires Rapinoe for her activism, for putting up with the double standards facing women in sports, oh, and for her great taste in music.

Harris kicks off his response by noting that Rapinoe listens to fallen rap legend Nipsey Hussle — just like him — and that’s just the first on a list of things he admires. “She’s from California first of all and she listens to Nipsey,” Harris begins. “Nipsey Hussle. He’s like one of my favorite rappers too. She gave a shout out to him.” Harris is referring to Rapinoe using a quote from Nipsey to celebrate the USWNT world cup win last year with these lines from his song “Hussle & Motivate” in an Instagram post: “Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues / I just respected the game, now my name all in the news / Trippin’ on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to prove.”

Harris goes on to praise her feminism and standing up for the pay gap. Watch more of his praise above, and check out her appreciative response below.