Kim Fields on ‘Living Single’ Reboot: ‘You Can’t Just Start Rebooting Something So Amazing and Iconic’

Kim Fields starred in the iconic sitcom, Living Single, which ran for five seasons in the 1990s.

Many classic shows are getting the reboot treatment and Fields would need a possible Living Single reboot to be done correctly or not at all.

“First of all, you can’t just mess around and just start rebooting something, you know especially if that something was so amazing and iconic and a gamechanger the first go-round,” she said.


The actress added that the reboot will have to be parallel to the original series. “[Series creator Yvette Lee Bowser] created…lightning in a bottle.  So for this next go-round, we want to make sure we are true to the characters, true to where they would be…we have to be true to what you expect from the brand of Living Single.”

Kim Fields added that they’re all busy with their personal projects and it’s difficult to get them all together at once.

T.C. Carson, who portrayed the beloved character Kyle, was fired after expressing discrepancies with the way the show as marketed and character’s stereotypes. Fields spoke about filming the final season without him.

“It was very difficult doing the last season without T.C.,” she said. “With Living Single, we spent four years together, so that family dynamic changed and none of us really saw it coming.  It was very difficult personally, professionally, creatively…just know we never stopped being a family behind the scenes and off-camera.”