Swae Lee Reveals His Stolen Hard Drive Is Finally ‘On Its Way Back’

Last week, Swae Lee revealed a hard drive with “all my songs” had been stolen from him at Los Angeles International Airport. He even offered money to get it back. “I got 20K for anyone who found my hard drive @LAX T2 delta airlines this morning,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “All my songs are on there.” Luckily for him, he revealed in a GQ interview that the hard drive has been successfully found.

That said, Lee did reveal that, had he not been able to retrieve the hard drive, he had MP3 versions of the songs as back-up. “It’s like a movie, bro,” he said, laughing off the whole situation. “But I’m not really stressing. I’ve dealt with worse sh*t than this.” So what happened? During an Instagram Live session, someone chimed in, claiming to have the drive but adding that they would need a payment of $150,000 in return. The person later added way they would also accept a photo or a guest feature with Lee and Drake together. While the hard drive is now well on its way to Lee, it’s unknown what deal — if any — the two worked out to initiate its return.

(via GQ)