Playboi Carti Confirms His New Project ‘Whole Lotta Red’ Will Come Out Christmas Day

Rumors about new music have been swirling around Playboi Carti since he teased a collaboration with Travis Scott yesterday, but now he’s firmed things up. Tonight Carti officially announced his latest project Whole Lotta Red will come out this week. Since albums usually drop on Thursday night/Friday morning, and that happens to be Christmas Eve/Christmas day this week, the album will be something of a holiday gift for fans. While there aren’t a whole lot of other details available, Carti did share the artwork for the project and made it available for pre-order on his website.

Here’s the artwork:


And a few tweets echoing the news:

Aside from the collaboration with Travis, not a lot else is known about the release. The artwork says “the wonderful world of red” on the side, along with the phrase “volume one, number one,” but it’s unclear if that has anything to do with a double album or is just for aesthetic purposes. Of course, fans will remember that back in April, Carti released a different image that was assumed to be the cover for Whole Lotta Red, which apparently has either been replaced or wasn’t intended for that in the first place. Unless he decides to drop new songs in the lead to the album release, guess we’ll have to wait until Christmas for more.