Cardi B Will Tell You Your Fortune For 2021 On Instagram

Move over, Ms. Cleo. There’s a new fortune-teller in town. Cardi B has partnered with Instagram once again to entertain fans with a new fortune-telling account that will read fans’ 2021 from Saturday, December 26 until New Year’s Eve. While Cardi is always quick to give helpful and hilarious advice and observations on current events when fans DM her new account @cardibtruthteller, they’ll receive guidance for the new year, which they can then share to both Instagram and Facebook via the newly integrated Messenger.

Just a week before this announcement, Cardi also kicked off another entertaining partnership with Facebook in the form of her new Watch Together show Cardi Tries __. In this show, Cardi will make a weekly attempt at a new activity that is decidedly not in her range of accepted talents. In the debut episode, she tried out ballet, while in upcoming episodes, she’ll work on a ranch and drive a stunt car alongside fellow celebrities like Damian Lillard and Michelle Rodriguez.

And speaking of Cardi’s plans for the upcoming new year, she also recently proposed an idea for previewing her sophomore album for a select group of fans while also promising a “WAP” follow-up coming “sooner than you think.” The future looks bright.