Chika, Guapdad 4000, And Missy Elliott Are Enjoying Their Newfound ‘Superpowers’

A running joke on Twitter has turned into a series of hilarious posts from the funniest rappers on the platform. When a COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theory tweet went viral earlier this month, the dead-serious user accidentally helped spark a deeply unserious meme that found Black Twitter in high spirits about receiving superpowers on December 21 as a result of the coincidence of the winter solstice and the so-called “Great Conjunction” in which Jupiter and Saturn would nearly overlap in the night sky.

Of course, the planets are the planets and don’t really have any sort of an effect on us here on Earth (they only look to be lined up from our perspective due to their relative positions in space) but that hasn’t stopped the cheeky tweets from spreading like wildfire. Naturally, plenty of our favorite hip-hop artists have joined the fun, as the “Negro Solstice” granted them the “superpower” of continuing to crack us all up with their antics.

Naturally, some of the most active users of social media are the main ones playing along, but there are some iconic legends in the mix as well. Chika joked that the solstice “brought me the gift of ass,” while Guapdad 4000 gave fans a demonstration of his newfound super-strength (while wearing his “Dragonball Durag,” naturally). Meanwhile, the original hip-hop Afrofuturist, Missy Elliott, reminded fans that she’s been a superhero all along. Some others, like Buddy, lamented that their powers never kicked in. Check out their posts and others below — and stay tuned for more updates.

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