Westside Boogie And OMB Bloodbath’s ’12 Days Of Bhristmas’ Video Puts A Ratchet Spin On A Holiday Classic

Sorry to all the holiday traditionalists out there, but I have some bad news for you: There are no partridges or pear trees in LVRN’s “12 Days Of Bhristmas” video. Instead, highlighted rappers Westside Boogie and OMB Bloodbath count their blessings the hood way, turning the yuletide carol into a ratchet holiday anthem. Just like the label’s previous video for “Feliz Navidad,” this one follows the artists as they record the reworked track in the festively decorated studio for the label’s holiday EP.

Among the gifts that the two rappers receive on the “12 Days Of Bhristmas” are brand new choppers, a trip to the club, an EBT card, a Glock, and a few homemade blunts from the leftover weed in the ashtray. Clearly, they’re not having the white Christmas Bing Crosby and The Drifters were looking forward to. In the video, the lights are even lowered and appropriately hued to take advantage of the theme.

LVRN and Shady Records artist Westside Boogie had a relatively quiet year. Aside from officially changing his name to Westside Boogie to clear up fan confusion about similarly-named artists, he made a couple of guest appearances, notably with Reason on “Trapped In” featuring Ab-Soul, Guapdad 4000 on “Hairless Horsemen,” and Courtney Bell on “Lion’s Den.” Meanwhile, rising Houston rapper OMB Bloodbath signed with LVRN, released a few singles including “Bolt” and “Dropout” with Maxo Kream, and did her best to avoid gang charges after being arrested in February.

Watch the “12 Days Of Bhristmas” video above.