Lil Baby Reveals He Never Wanted To Be A Rapper As A Kid In An Apple Music Documentary Trailer

Though Lil Baby failed to culminated his breakout year with any major award show trophies, the rapper is being lauded as by Apple Music as their Artist Of The Year. The award will be presented to the rapper on Thursday night and shortly thereafter, the streaming service will premiere a documentary which tells the rapper’s story.

Lil Baby just unveiled the upcoming film’s trailer, which is also slated to debut Thursday night. In the brief teaser, Lil Baby charts his rise to fame. In it, he admits that he never wanted to be a rapper but his “perspective changed” after being incarcerated for a second time:

“I was in jail my first time at thirteen. I dropped out of school somewhere between ninth and tenth grade. I never wanted to be a rapper. I was already young and turnt in the streets. But after I got locked up again, my perspective changed. I became an artist with something to say, people to stand for, and now, it’s finally time to tell my story.”

In recent months, Lil Baby has offered concrete proof that he’s dedicated to standing for a cause. After standing alongside protestors in demonstrations against police brutality in June, the rapper has supported George Floyd’s family members. Just this week, the rapper helped NBA player Stephen Jackson throw a massive, doll-themed birthday party for Floyd’s daughter Gianna. He attended the seven-year-old’s party, posed for photos, and sponsored the entire event.

Watch Lil Baby’s Apple Music documentary trailer above.