IV4 Delivers A Melodic Performance Of Her Viral Hit ‘Swimming’ For ‘UPROXX Sessions’

24-year-old, St. Louis singer-rapper IV4 is a relative newcomer to the game, but she comes with a surprising amount of polish in her UPROXX Sessions debut, singing her new single “Swimming.” Her sing-song flow is the highlight of the song, which features Trippie Redd on the original version, as she compares falling in love to drowning and brags that she’ll even take her man’s side chick.

In her press bio, IV4 says she always knew that she was destined to sing. “I swear I came out singing,” she jokes. “I would always tell my mom and my grandma, ‘I’m going to be a super-famous singer.’ And that’s the only thing I’ve ever really wanted to do.” Since then, she’s secured viral hits with “Because of Me,” “Killah,” “Shameless,” and “Work 2 Hard,” securing Trippie Redd for “Swimming” and establishing herself as an artist that bears paying attention to.

Watch IV4’s performance of “Swimming” above.

UPROXX Sessions is Uproxx’s performance show featuring the hottest up-and-coming acts you should keep an eye on. Featuring creative direction from LA promotion collective, Ham On Everything, and taking place on our “bathroom” set designed and painted by Julian Gross, UPROXX Sessions is a showcase of some of our favorite performers, who just might soon be yours, too.

IV4 is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.