Gabriela Drops Her New Single ‘Sun & Earth’

Gabriela followed up on her debut single “Grow Up” and released another touching single “Sun & Earth” – a pop-r&b bilingual ballade. 

As the press release notes, “Sun & Earth” is a deeply moving song that incorporates electro textures in an overall pop track. The new single displays a rare vocal maturity, as a heavenly deep and tender voice can be compared to Ariana Grande, Adele, and Lana Del Rey. Gabriela’s new single channels her vivid creativity as she delivered her lyrics both in English and Spanish. 

About Gabriela 

Gabriela Riojas is a 20-year old Latina R&B Singer/Songwriter, from McAllen, Texas who is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her passion for music continued to grow from a young age and over the years, Gabriela worked on fine tuning her craft. She did so by learning to play both the guitar and piano while in parallel, greatly developing her songwriting skills. And most importantly, she found her signature sound as an artist. Her musical talent has been nurtured and skyrocketed while learning from some of the music industry’s best in Nashville TN. She has earned high praise and is currently working with music producer Scott Cupolo from Warner Music Group, where she is excelling as an R&B/Pop Artist. This Duo of talent has meshed well and love working together thanks to the unique chemistry they have been demonstrating in their production. Gabriela is currently at work on a full length album, while also working with the likes of Grammy Award winning Mix-Engineer Tre Nagella at Luminous Sound Studios in Dallas Texas, as well as the Jaycen Joshua prodigy, Jacob Richards from Larrabee and Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, CA; all of which have worked with some of today’s R&B top artists. Gabriela’s music is a powerful form of self-expression, a way to make people feel less lonely in the world, and bring immense joy to crowds. Gabriela hopes that her music may be able to provide one or all of these things, and is excited for what is to come.