Popp Hunna Warns Against Prescription Drug Abuse As His Song ‘Adderall’ Blows Up On TikTok

For the last several weeks, TikTok users have been jamming out to a new song featuring a bouncy hook, a video-gamey beat, and an absurdly catchy intro adlib by the name of “Adderall” by 19-year-old North Philly rapper Popp Hunna. In fact, the refrain of “Corvette, Corvette” is so popular, it was retroactively added to the song’s title — a convention that has been adopted across the platform as more and more rappers see their songs blow up on the app largely as a result of short excerpts that leave fans guessing about their hits’ actual titles.

However, the fact remains that the song seems to advocate the abuse of prescription drugs, from the titular stimulant Adderall (used to treat ADHD) to lean (the combination of promethazine/​codeine cough syrup and Sprite). Considering the song’s immense popularity — everyone from Kevin Hart to Sasha Obama has been seen dancing to the song on TikTok — Popp addressed this aspect of its potentially inflammatory lyrics while breaking them down on Genius’ Verified. He also excerpted the moment onto his own Instagram.

“I just want to tell everybody out there, do not take Adderall if you do not need it,” he warns. “I’m not trying to promote it for, you know, anybody that just wants to take it for fun. Like, it’s not for fun, it’s for people who might actually need it to you know, work or concentrate. Make sure you get your prescription from a doctor.” Hunna, who is actually studying at the University of Michigan, might be speaking from experience here, as Adderall is sometimes used as a “study drug” by college students.

Watch Pop Hunna’s prescription drug PSA above.