Offset Says He Doesn’t Trust The COVID-19 Vaccine And People Shared Their Reactions

Offset isn’t entirely on board with the upcoming coronavirus vaccine. The rapper was recently stopped by TMZ and questioned about the new medical development, which, should everyone take it, would give people the herd immunity to start getting life back to normal. But it turns out Offset is among the skeptics, saying he “doesn’t trust” it. He had other concerns as well, saying that treatment would be prioritized to the upper class as opposed to the general public. All of this caused people on Twitter to weigh in on the rapper’s comments.

One simply asked, “Who in the heck cares if he gets it or not?” while another questioned how he could eat a McRib from McDonald’s but raise concerns with the vaccine. “Why you would even ask him is beyond me,” another wrote. “I want to know wtf gets their medical advice from Offset?”

On the other hand, some seemed to agree with Offset or they at least understood his fears with the virus. One responded to the rapper’s comments on Twitter and said, “I hear ya offset” and another said, “Same bro I’m let y’all be the test dummies.” A third comment simply said, “I agree with him” with a laughing emoji.

You can watch Offset’s response to the COVID-19 vaccine here and see other responses from folks on Twitter below.