A Smokey Robinson Cameo Video Took A Strange Twist When He Started Talking About Hanukkah

Hanukkah kicked off a few days ago, so celebrants all over are receiving gifts to mark the occasion. One custom present that can end up being a big hit is a Cameo video from a famous person the giftee admires (we put it in our recent holiday gift guide). That’s what somebody named Jeff Jacobson did, getting Smokey Robinson to make a video for his mother, who actually grew up on the same street in Detroit as the music legend.

The video starts off normally enough, with Robinson acknowledging his old neighbor. The second half of the video was less expected, though. Before we continue, this video is best experienced without any advanced knowledge about what the twist is, so please watch it if you haven’t already before reading on.

Based on the clip, it appears Robinson has never seen the word “Chanukah,” as Hanukkah is sometimes alternately spelled. Jacobson asked Robinson to wish his mother a happy Chanukah, but Robinson was confused by that request because he had never heard of “chuh-noo-kah,” as he mispronounced the word. He said, “But anyway, you’re living in Vancouver now and they wanted me to wish you happy Chuh-noo-kah. I have no idea what Chuh-noo-kah is, but happy Chuh-noo-kah because they said so. Anyway, God bless you, babe, and enjoy Chuh-noo-kah. Have a wonderful time.”

Watch the video above.