An Xscape Biopic Is Still in The Works And They Have Their Own Casting Ideas

Fans can rest assured that an Xscape biopic is on the way. It’s not a secret that the R&B group still resonates in the minds of admirers worldwide. Just look at the lasting impact of their three hit albums and stand out star Kandi Buruss, who’s songwriting prowess includes hits for Destiny’s Child, to the late great Whitney Houston to pop icon Ed Sheeran.  As an artist, the Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrity helped reunite the group after nearly 20 years, and they went on to launch a reunion tour that sold out shows nationwide. 

Everyone wants to hear a new project but what may be even more impactful is the long anticipated biopic feature film, and fortunately for fans, it’s still in the works.  Recently, The Jasmine Brand had an exclusive interview with Latocha Scott who confirmed the Xscape biopic is still happening and has been in development for some time.  “Well we’ve been in talks you know, all of us, all four girls are ready for this to happen,” she said. “We’re making sure that the people that are getting involved is who we want to be involved with this because when you do a life story that’s it. You can’t go back and change anything, you can’t go erase anything so we just want to make sure it’s done right.”

And get this, the group already has ideas as to who they want to them on-screen. For Scott, she wants Power‘s Naturi Naughton.  “Naturi from the show Power – everyone says ‘Oh my gosh, you guys look alike.’ Plus she can sing,” said Scott. “I talked to her at BET Her when we had to perform that night and she was like ‘I would love to.’ So we’re kind of just making sure the people who we bring in to play us really does the part.”


Tameka “Tiny” Harris is eyeing her own daughter Zonnique, who is a singer in her own rite and reality star, to play her. Scott’s sister, Tameka Scott, would love for her niece to star as her.  Per Scott, the casting makes perfect sense.  As for Buruss, we’ll have to stay tune for that casting idea, let alone a confirmation but it all sounds like a great project that fans everywhere can’t wait to see.