Gabrielle Union to Star in Kenya Barris Reboot of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’

Disney+ has officially announced the reboot of Cheaper by the Dozen starring Gabrielle Union, which will be produced by Kenya Barris.

The announcement of the popular franchise’s reboot was dropped on Thursday at Disney’s high profile Investor Day.  Barris had been hard at work on the film, since inking his overall film deal with Fox.  Then the project moved over to Disney after their acquisition of the mega studio.

Earlier in the year rumors were swirling that Regina Hall was attached to Cheaper by the Dozen as the lead, but Disney+ cleared the rumor mill and confirmed Gabrielle Union as the star.  Other rumors hinted at a story centered around an interracial family, but that was not made clear by Disney+ but describes the story as “a blended family of 12, navigating a hectic home life and their family business.”


Gail Lerner will direct while Shawn Levy and Union will serve as executive producers.  And this is just one of many projects Union has in development as an actress or producer.

This actually is the third iteration of this family comedy franchise, as the first one was released way back in 1950, and based on the real lives of Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr.  The 2003 reboot starred Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt was directed by Shawn Levy which is the release best known to fans.