Cardi B Shares Her Trick For Looking Thicker From High School

Cardi B has always been honest about her body image, regularly showing fans her bare face and admitting to undergoing surgery to look curvier. As it turns out, the “WAP” rapper always had aspirations to look how she does now but growing up, she didn’t have access to the funds and opportunities she has as an international rap sensation. On Twitter, she reminisced how she would get around that shortcoming in high school to convince her classmates she had more body (-ody-ody-ody) than she really did.

Her trick for adding curves was a simple one but it turned out to be one her fans could relate to. “It’s the fact that I used to put 2 thick ass tights under my jeans in Highschool to make my ass look fatter,” she revealed to her followers. “And nobody ever clock the tea.” Fans quickly began replying with their own hacks for playing up their attributes, including using shoulder pads from their moms’ blouses or socks to push up their tops. Pants with butt pads were also a go-to.

Cardi’s arsenal of relatable stories is just one of the many reasons she reached her current level of stardom and it doesn’t look like she plans to change any time soon. But on a more serious note, maybe we can promote a little more body positivity in pop culture — wearing two pairs of tights under jeans doesn’t sound very comfortable at all.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.