On The Anniversary Of Juice WRLD’s Death, The Kid Laroi Shares A New Collaboration, ‘Reminds Me Of You’

Today, December 8, is the one-year anniversary of the death of Juice WRLD, aka the most-streamed US artist on Spotify this year. A posthumous single with Benny Blanco dropped a few days ago, on what would have been his 22nd birthday, and now there’s another new Juice track. To mark the tragic occasion, The Kid Laroi shared a song he and Juice made together, “Reminds Me Of You.”

As Laroi notes, the song is based on Kim Petras’ “Reminds Me,” and Juice sings on the emotional track, “Fightin’ for my heart and baby, I never lose / No, I can’t get high, ’cause it reminds me of you / If you ever needed me, girl, I was flyin’ to you / Told you that I loved you, girl, I wasn’t lyin’ to you.”

In a message from this summer, Laroi paid tribute to Juice, writing in an Instagram post, “before we even met you were my favourite artist, and I still think everyday how cool it was that I got to b damn near family with my idol. you took me all over the world on a f*cking private jet and showed me a whole different side of life that not many people get to see. from all the months you let me live at your crib, to all the nights I spent watching and learning from you in the studio, to all the concerts and tours I got to witness.. I got to learn from a real life legend. it’s not even in my character to write long ass sh*t like this but f*ck it our song [‘Go’] is about to come out and I just wanna say how much I wish you were here with me to enjoy this sh*t. we all love and miss you back here.”

Listen to “Reminds Me Of You” above.