JT Returns To Twitter With A Unique Apology For Her Scandalous Tweets

JT‘s back after a relatively short hiatus from Twitter and she’s got a message for fans who called out her outrageous posts on the site. The City Girls member deleted her account when fans started resurfacing old tweets in which she mocked musical stars — some of whom are now her labelmates — and expressed racist views. After taking a day to collect herself, JT’s account popped back up with a tweet simply reading, “Hi.” However, the real message was hidden in her profile picture, which astute fans recognized as a screenshot from a viral video from 2016 — the year after many of her scandalous tweets were made.

In the video, a man sings what CNN described as an “Adele-inspired apology” to the judge. Unfortunately, his apology didn’t quite have the desired effect; he was sentenced to 17 years in prison for multiple felony charges. JT, no stranger to the justice system herself, probably isn’t trying to make light of the man’s performance but rather seems to be giving a sarcastic apology to those who brought back her old tweets.

However, JT hasn’t deleted the offending tweets — likely because she knows the screenshots have already been captured and are never going away. While some fans might have liked a more sincere apology from the Miami rapper, it looks like she’s more interested in keeping the past In the past and enjoying her current success. Besides, those tweets aren’t even the most embarrassing thing to happen to her this month.