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After “Dancing Baby,” Imisc Drops Latest Dance Track Titled “Love Me Too” With J.O.Y

After “Dancing Baby” released this summer, German producer Imisc is now moving forward and dropping his latest dance track titled “Love Me Too” featuring the unbelievably talented contemporary r&b singer J.O.Y. The success of “Dancing Baby” convinced Imisc that the pair should continue collaborating, and the result is simply astonishing. 

Uplifting yet nostalgic, “Love Me Too” is the kind of track you can play on repeat without ever getting tired of, thanks to the near-perfect sonic designs Imisc has been displaying in all of his latest creations. Only 23 years old, Imisc already masters the art of production and restlessly creates sounds filled with everything we love about electronic dance music. From the ethereal vocals to the smooth progressions and contrasts, his subtlety and grace pours all over “Love Me Too,” so except to get addicted to it like we did!