Aminé Is Adding Almost An Album Of New Material To ‘Limbo’ With A Deluxe Edition

Music changes with the times and new trends emerge. One of the biggest ones to come out of 2020 is the new way deluxe albums are treated. Usually, a deluxe edition would come out months down the road to bring renewed interest to an aging album. This year, though, they have come out sometimes just days after the original release as a way to generate even more hype for the new music. Aminé took more of an old-school approach to his just-announced deluxe edition of Limbo, which originally came out in August.

The deluxe edition drops this Friday, December 4, and the core tracklist expands from 14 tracks to 21. Unlike most deluxe albums, however, the new songs are added to the front of the tracklist, as opposed to the back end of it. In the seven new songs, there are a handful of fresh collaborators making their way onto the album: Valee, Saba, Toosii, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Check out the deluxe Limbo tracklist below.

1. “Mrs. Clean”
2. “Zack & Cody” Feat. Valee
3. “Gelato”
4. “Talk” Feat. Saba
5. “Chicken” Feat. Toosii
6. “Buzzin” Feat. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
7. “Solid”
8. “Burden”
9. “Woodlawn”
10. “Kobe”
11. “Roots” Feat. JID & Charlie Wilson
12. “Can’t Decide”
13. “Compensating” Feat. Young Thug
14. “Shimmy”
15. “P.I.M.P.” Feat. Vince Staples & Slowthai
16. “Riri”
17. “Easy” Feat. Summer Walker
18. “Mama”
19. “Becky”
20. “Fetus” Feat. Injury Reserve
21. “My Reality”