Action Bronson Pulls Off An Elaborate Heist With Hologram And Meyhem Lauren In Their ‘Mongolia’ Video

Action Bronson’s released his anticipated Only For Dolphins album back in October to expand on his multifaceted career. Now following up the record, Bronson tapped Hologram and Meyhem Lauren to join him in a cinematic video to their collaborative track “Mongolia.”

Directed by Zev Deans, the “Mongolia” video opens with the rapper on the run from two gunmen. Bronson is holding onto a silver briefcase, which is handcuffed to a gnarly severed hand. After he successfully gets away, Bronson hands off the package to Hologram, who then delivers his verses. Hologram successfully passes the coveted briefcase to a disguised Meyhem Lauren who is able to ward off the attackers once and for all.

In other Bronson news, the rapper recently revealed that he auditioned for a role in the upcoming Matrix reboot, but didn’t end up getting the part: “I definitely didn’t get the role. I would have known, I would’ve acted in it. I would have been in a f*cking harness hanging off a wire from a bridge or something. I definitely read for it, though, but it was bizarre. It was during COVID and the reading was over the phone. It was just a weird situation. I’m better in person, I have to charm you. You’ve actually got to see the whole me. It’s not good to just get a snippet of me over the phone, you know? You have to really take in the Baklava experience.”

Watch the “Mongolia” video above.

Only For Dolphins is out now via Loma Vista. Get it here.