Future And Lil Uzi Vert Soak Up Some Sun In Their ‘Over Your Head’ Video

It’s been a busy day for intergalactic master/Padawan duo Future and Lil Uzi Vert. Earlier today, they released the deluxe version of their new album Pluto X Baby Pluto just days after the original dropped. Then, just in time for kids on the East Coast getting out of school, they shared the video for the album’s secondary lead single “Over Your Head.” Directed by Hype Williams, the video is a sharp contrast to their one for “That’s It,” which found them playing an indoor soccer game with teams of models.

This time around, they’ve packed up and headed to the coast, where they sport colorful clothes while cruising on a yacht and take over a picturesque modern villa to stunt by the pool in eye-popping ensembles. As usual, the pair is flanked by a bevy of beautiful women who lounge on the deck in swimwear that doesn’t seem all that wearable for the activity of, well, swimming.

After the album dropped, Lil Uzi declared “I’m out” after dropping two more albums. Future, meanwhile, has another pair of promised joint albums to complete, although he hasn’t announced any plans to retire anytime soon. They’ve become something of a specialty of his; in between releasing his own full-length solo albums, he dropped joint projects with Drake, Young Thug, and Juice WRLD — and he’s promised sequels to the former two are coming along at some point.

Watch the “Over Your Head” video above.