Juice WRLD’s Mother Admits That Her ‘Biggest Fear Was Him Overdosing’

It’s been a little under a year since Juice WRLD‘s untimely death but the Chicago rapper continues to have an impact on the hip-hop landscape. His posthumous album Legends Never Die was certified platinum by the RIAA in August while Billboard confirmed that Juice has more songs in the Hot 100 top ten than any other artist in 2020. More recently, the Live Free 999 Project his mother created in his honor donated musical instruments to Juice’s old school while advocating for Mental World Health Day.

Today Juice’s mom Carmela Wallace appeared on Chicago’s ABC 7 to tell reporters she hoped that his death could become an example for others. She says she tried to get him to properly medicate for his anxiety because “my biggest fear was him overdosing on the stuff. That’s why I made the decision I have to talk about it with other people. I can’t keep that as a secret.” She says that was her goal in starting the Live Free 999 foundation. “That’s our objective with our foundation. Normalize the conversation, so it has to start with me. I hope it’s what he wanted, was a legacy of healing. To let people know that you don’t have to suffer alone.”

You can watch the full report above.