The Weeknd’s Disembodied Head Goes On A Strange Journey In The ‘Too Late’ Video

The Weeknd has put a ton of effort into the visual aspects of his latest album, After Hours. Now he’s back with another clip, this time for “Too Late,” and it takes the After Hours cinematic universe in an unexpected new direction.

The video starts with an aerial shot of a car being driven by two bandaged women, who are excitedly talking about their latest plastic surgeries. They then come upon The Weeknd’s disembodied head in the middle of the road. One of them exclaims, “Oh my god: He is so hot,” and they bring the head with them. They spend time with it in the pool and watching TV. They then hire a chiseled male dancer, who they behead with the intent of giving The Weeknd’s head a new body, which works and leads to some three-way sexual activity.

In an interview this year, The Weeknd discussed the relationship between his After Hours singles and their videos, saying, “Sometimes it feels like the music is more the soundtrack for it, the [musical] score. ‘Heartless’ feels very tied in, this person who’s heartless, and he’s like ‘F*ck love,’ but you can see there’s a sadness to it. I’m obviously telling a story in the singles, but the bigger story is this album.”

Watch the “Too Late” video above, and revisit our review of After Hours here.