Lil Yachty Is Reportedly Being Sued For Beating Up A Fan At Rolling Loud

Lil Yachty is being sued by a fan who claims Yachty and his crew jumped him at Rolling Loud last December according to TMZ. The fan, Jimmy Quivac, says that he was walking alone and heading into the Coliseum when he bumped into Yachty’s group while trying weave through a crowd at the entrance.

Quivac’s lawsuit says Yachty punched him in retaliation for the bump, then the others jumped in as well, kicking and stomping him on the ground. He says he suffered injuries to his arm, hand, and wrist and is suing Yachty for assault and battery, as well as emotional distress. The report does not say how much he is pursuing.

According to TMZ, Yachty said that he and his friends were leaving the festival and that Quivac shoved him, leading to a confrontation. Yachty insists they weren’t looking for a fight, only to find out why Quivac pushed him. TMZ’s report also has a video of the incident, in which the group can be seen confronting Quivac before the fight breaks out. The group does indeed spend a few seconds kicking the fallen fan before walking away and during the argument, it sounds like someone makes a few belligerent comments.

Yachty was recently arrested for speeding in his Ferrari, just months after totalling a different Ferrari. His most recent musical release was “Pardon Me,” a raucous single featuring Future.

You can watch the video here.