Kaytranada And Tinashe Bring A Seductive Touch To The Halloween Season In Their ‘Worst In Me’ Video

Kaytranada promised to deliver his sophomore album at some point in 2019, and he came through with just a few weeks left in the calendar. The album Bubba was seen as a satisfactory sequel to his 2016 debut, 99.9%. Aiming to keep the project in rotation as it approaches its one-year anniversary, Kaytranada and Tinashe have dropped a new video for one of the album’s highlights, “Worst In Me.”

Being released in October, the video is appropriately Halloween-ish in theme, and it kicks off with Tinashe cheerfully preparing for a date night as her partner makes their way to her house. When he finally arrives, Tinashe and her love interest enjoy what turns out to be a short-lived dinner. The two retire to the bedroom, but that’s when things take a turn for the worse. Tinashe’s inner vampire reveals itself, prompting her to sink her fangs into her partner’s neck.

The “Worst In Me” video serves as one of three that Kaytranada has debuted following the release of Bubba. The first was a 1970s-inspired video for “10%,” his collaboration with Kali Uchis, while the second was “Need It,” which found him teaming up with Masego.

You can watch the “Worst In Me” video above.