SOURCE SPORTS: Russell Westbrook Spreads Love By Leaving An 8K Tip for NBA Bubble Housekeepers

Russell Westbrook was in the spirit of giving during his time in the NBA bubble. Westbrook showed his appreciation to the Grand Floridian housekeepers and left behind an $8,000 dollar tip for holding him down during the bubble.

“They took great care of us,” Westbrook told Bleacher Report, confirming the tip. “Took the time and energy to do their job at a high level. That was the right thing. I like to do the right thing.”

Generosity is a common thread with Westbrook, who won the 2014-15 NBA Cares Community Assist Award for his work in the community. He consistently gives back, whether through his Why Not? Foundation or his Honor the Gift clothing line.


NBA players arrived at the hotels in Orlando in mid-July to quarantine before starting their season on July 30. The Rockets stayed at the Grand Floridian from then until Sept. 13, the day after being eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Westbrook’s gesture wasn’t done for clout. It was done to show his appreciation to those who held him down during these unprecedented times.