Oda Is A New Kind Of Home Speaker That Streams Rotating Sets By Madlib, The Microphones, And More

As the future of live music remains uncertain, architects and investors behind Oda home speakers are offering a different kind of live music experience. The new line of speakers comes with a subscription service that streams rotating performances by a bevy of artists like Madlib, Arca, and The Microphones.

Each weekend, Oda owners will be able to hear broadcasts of performances by varying artists alongside surprise guests and special programming. In between live performances, Oda speakers transmit a continuous live high-quality stream from locations around the world like a bird sanctuary in Costa Rica and New York’s Tompkins Square Park. Of course, music lovers will also be able to play their own music through unique speakers via Bluetooth.

In a statement, founder Nick Dangerfield described his vision behind Oda speakers:

“We made Oda because live music is a vital part of our lives. We believe all of us should be doing our part to preserve the cultural value of music. Artists are increasingly subjected to unfavorable terms, yet they continue to give us music of life-affirming quality. We’re just trying to build something positive. And our secret mission is to make you listen carefully. If you truly listen, everything will be fine. […] Oda was born as a solution to allow musicians to perform live from their home and studio, and envisioned as an additional revenue stream, and new creative challenge. The intention was never to replace touring or live music, but quite the contrary: the dream was always to bring more live music into our lives. We promise to bring you a varied, world class program of live music performance throughout the week.”

Founded in 2016, Oda was born out of necessity for Dangerfield. As a huge fan of Phil Elverum’s music, Dangerfield was disturbed to hear that Elverum was going to take a hiatus from touring. Still wanting to hear Elverum’s music, Dangerfield built 50 speakers that would connect to an app on Elverum’s phone so the artist could broadcast songs for his fans whenever he had the time.

Oda is available starting at $299 with $79 for seasonal membership. Get it here.