Cardi B Responds To Accusations Of Supporting Terrorism After Posting About Armenia

Cardi B has found herself on the wrong end of some internet ire after posting about Armenia, and she has offered a response to her critics.

Some background: Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been embroiled in border disputes. The countries are currently feuding over Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory to which both nations lay claim. Internationally, the territory is recognized as part of Azerbaijan. Tensions have been particularly high over the past week, as fights between the countries have resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. There are concerns that the situation could escalate.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram Story, Cardi posted a flyer for a televised virtual fundraiser supporting Armenia, which rubbed some people the wrong way. Using the hashtag #cardibsupportsterrorism, Twitter users laid into Cardi, accusing her of succumbing to misinformation and encouraging her to do some research before posting.

In response to one user, Cardi wrote, “Stfu I don’t support terrorism.I literally posted it for my friend with out doing no research on what’s going on .Im sorry about that .I don’t like war .I don’t like conflicts between two countries period cause I hate innocent people being affected by it.”

Before that post, she shared a two-part audio tweet in which she explained her situation, which she captioned, “I’m so sorry .We did not do our research.” She talked about how she’s trying to sell a property in Atlanta, and how a consultant helping her in the process is Armenian. The consultant asked her to post something positive about Armenia, which Cardi did before waking up to backlash. She then said she didn’t know about the international dispute, praised both countries, and wished for Armenia and Azerbaijan to find peace and a resolution to their disputes.

Listen to Cardi’s explanation below.

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