Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 Hit Song ‘Dreams’ Tripled Its Usual Sales Thanks To A Viral TikTok Video

It’s well-known how powerful social media can be in boosting underground songs to the forefront and making them unexpected hits. Social media app TikTok is responsible for lifting many of these songs to mainstream success. Tracks like K Camp’s “Lottery (Renegade),” Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla’s “Something New,” and Curtis Roach’s “Bored In The House” all received a boost through the social media app.

Reaching back to the past this time around, Fleetwood Mac is the latest act to receive a boost with their music as a viral video tripled one of the group’s hit songs’ sales as well as nearly doubling its streams.

The viral success comes from a TikTok user under the name of @420doggface208, who’s real name is Nathan Apodaca. The video depicts a man in a grey hoodie breezily skateboarding around his city as Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit song, “Dreams,” plays in the background while he drinks a bottle of Ocean Spray. After the video was posted on September 25, the song “Dreams” picked up 2.9 million on-demand US streams and 3,000 digital download sales according to Dazed Digital. The number is a 88.7% increase in streams and a 374% increase in sales. After the video landed on Twitter, Fleetwood Mac reposted it with a simple message that read, “We love this!”

Thanking everyone for supporting and sharing his TikTok video, Apocado shared a message through his Twitter page. “So thanks for the love and support an here it is my original video same as all going around but yes thanks for the love n donations it’s very appreciated an much needed,” he said before concluding his message with “vibe on world.” This is also not the first time the song went viral on TikTok. Back in 2018, the song quickly gained popularity thanks to a dance video.