Fivio Foreign And Polo G Put A Devious Spin On A Childhood Game On Their New Collab, ‘Bop It’

Polo G and Fivio Foreign both saw their breakout moments in 2019 thanks to Polo G’s “Pop Out” effort with Lil Tjay and Fivio’s “Big Drip” release. Ensuring that their success lasted for longer than a summer, the two artists kept striving and pushing forward, a grind that eventually resulted in their inclusion in this year’s XXL Freshman Class. Bringing their talents together, Fivio and Polo G have a little fun on their new single, “Bop It.” Fivio has been teasing the Kenny Beats-produced for the past month and now that’s its here, his fans are quite delighted.

Somewhat following the rules of the handheld Bop It game for children, Fivio interpolates some of these instructions onto the song as he prompts his listeners to “Bop it, twist it, pull it.” Putting his own touch on the song, he adds some directions of his own by rapping, “click it, click it, hit it, run his block, spin it.” While the song seems is much more playful than most of their releases, Fivio’s and Polo G make sure to flex a little and show off what they got on the new song. Backed a video, Fivio, Polo G, and Kenny Beats take over what appears to be an empty mansion to host a summertime party featuring a group of women, water guns, and a bounce house.

The song arrives after Fivio lent a verse to DreamDoll’s “Ah Ah Ah” single as well as after the release of Polo G’s most recent single, “Epidemic.”

You can hear “Bop It” in the video above.