DaBaby And Lil Baby Headline A Drive-In Music Festival Coming To Atlanta

Back in July, DaBaby was thrashed for signing on to headline a holiday concert in Georgia despite the outbreak of the coronavirus basically wrecking the live music economy. When it turned out that the promoters failed to live up to their advertised safety protocols, they and DaBaby took another public drubbing. It looks like DaBaby will soon have a chance to redeem himself though, using a format that has grown in popularity in recent months — and he’s bringing another of hip-hop’s many Babies along for the ride.

Variety announced that DaBaby and Lil Baby would co-headline a drive-in music festival in Atlanta, The Detour, on Sunday, October 11 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Sponsored by Audiomack, the concert is a chance for fans to get out and see the Southern rappers in-person with less risk than a traditional show, while for the rappers, it’s an opportunity to make up some of their lost touring revenue for the year without raising their feature prices high enough to ensure they’ll never rap on another artist’s song again.

Even without touring and festivals, the two rappers have been among the most successful of 2020, with DaBaby racking up award nominations and dominating the charts alongside Lil Baby, whose My Turn spent five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and who remains among the most-streamed artists of the year with his song “The Bigger Picture.”

For more info about The Detour drive-in festival, check out the official website.